Luxury POP-UP Puerto Banus 2018

When Glamour Hunter Luxury Communication decide to partner in order to host an event, we could only anticipate an exceptional launch. Here’s our roundup of one of the most inspiring event held by Glamour Hunter Luxury Communication with our partners.

We believe that events and pop-up store are an important component to a luxury retail brand’s success as it creates a physical connection with your customer.Thats why we partnered with Sens Bar A Parfums to organise the “Puerto Banus August 2018” events. Sens Bar A Parfums which is a private boutique of perfumes in Puerto Banus was the location where the luxury jewels were exposed, Drinks were served by the famous Puerto Banus Rose.

Sienna Alexander London, Francesco Barbato and Glamour Hunter Luxury Couture which have a large following and a core customer base exposed their unique pieces to our selective clients. Following, of course come influencers and social media marketing who drove the awareness with their presence naming Sofia Handen and Aliia Roza.

The event was suitable and attracted significant attention in the media industry. We partnered to create a beautiful display decorated with luxury motifs and exclusive styles allowing our selective clients to feel vintage in an Interactive zone, with an industrial feel, the store was divided into several areas tracing the diversification of the designs.

Events like the Puerto Banus August 2018 is a perfect opportunity for testing out your physical retail presence whether it’s for the first time ever or to expand your presence in an entirely new location. Puerto Banus August 2018 events was a creative way for our luxury jewellery and other partners accessories to showcase our designs through brand story, new products…

The goal of this event with Sens Bar A Parfums, Puerto banus is to create an interactive ambiance dedicated to only Vips and selective guests interaction. The events evaluation performance was very high.

It was a fun and personal way for our luxury brands to connect with consumers to create that special and unique ambiance in-person, It allowed them to interact and engage, creating their very own unique and desired style. They gain more flexibility, offer their customers a unique experience and capitalise on this buzzy concept.