Couture Fashion week 2019 Participants

Glamour Hunter Luxury Communication have the pleasure to present George + Ginger Pattern Co by Kristi Fitzpatrick. Since its founding Kristi Fitzpatrick has catered among the general throng of well-heeled every glamorous women and fashion magazine editors.

Kristi designs are best known for garments, complimented by draped, flowy fabrics and a grungy soft look. Her creations are subtle and that each piece differs than the other one, her way to do that is by working closely with fabric designers.

Her Label George + Ginger Pattern Co. draws its strength, creativity, and inspiration from the qualities of a woman that make them a glamorous, divine and an empowering figure in society.

Kristi is committed to create beautiful designs for women of all sizes. Her belief is that every woman deserves to feel good and express beauty in her own way. Therefore, her designs are available in all sizes.

Her subtleness and thoughtfulness in her designs, manifests in her detailing as well. Kristi successfully expanded the George + Ginger Pattern Co. and became involved with Fashion Week shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and London.

Kristi will be presenting her collection in GSF Cannes Festival 2019 to blow your mind with exquisiteness delightfulness and charm.

Francesco Barbato

Glamour Hunter Luxury Communication has the pleasure to present the story of one of the most talented jewellery designers of all time Francesco Barbato. Francesco Barbato is permeated with the art and most iconic designs, Francesco adopts a symbolic tribute in his designs that has made such a decisive contribution to the success of his label.

For Francesco life is not only a beautiful stage, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His designs are in a constant creative dialogue rich in delightfulness, the world luxury shine in the creations of Francesco Barbato.

Keenly aware that the stones are the beating heart of the accessories, his precious and refined creations are complimented by rainbow stones and mesmerising crystals. Francesco Barbato constantly enhance his thoughts and multiple specialised skills are cultivated everyday.

He draws upon a vast reservoir of in-house expertise and experience uniting crafts within the field of jewellerymaking.

By virtue of his precision and reliability, Francesco Barbato quickly gained a solid reputation among enthusiasts which make him the target of this GSF Cannes festival 2019.

Kapriva Couture

Glamour Hunter Luxury Communication is delightful to honour the sophisticated brand Kapriva Couture for the GSF Cannes festival 2019. Edgy but elegant, Priya’s designs has been made with the softest care until the last detail.

Her Label Kapriva draws inspiration from international art by combining unique embellishments, hand embroidery and Swarovski crystals and pearls. Her creations are subtle and all in limited edition collections.

Priya is committed to create elegant designs, her beliefs is that you can be edgy and elegant in the same time, therefore, in her English atelier Priya make sure to diversify her creations which make her designs are available in all styles.

Kapriva subtleness of styles manifests in Priya’s detailing of each piece she designs. Kapriva Couture has designed bespoke pieces for varies events and occasions for individual clients, stage shows and musicians in Los Angeles.


Glamour Hunter Luxury Communication is delightful to present the British fashion designer Barbara Biosah with its label ‘DUMEBI’. An exotic haute couture clothing brand inspired of today’s trendsetting women.

DUMEBI exclusive collections epitomize in unconventional details exotic clothing. The fashionable lifestyle of DUMEBI is a mix of Africa, Renaissance Art and a touch of Western vibe.

All the pieces are maintained and designed in its atelier located in both London and Paris with a team that is passionate about chic and luxurious fashion. Each dress is designed to enhance and fit the female form with fashion- forward styling and wearability.

DUMEBI design career began to gain recognition when various Hollywood young musicians and actress walked in red carpets and won awards in her gowns. Barbara Biosah devotion to design is evident in her selection of beautiful fabrics and trimmings combined with innovative combinations of cuts to accentuate the best features of each and every woman.

Keenly aware that the fabrics are the beating heart of the pieces, her precious and refined creations are complimented by fine fabrics and mesmerising patent.

Barbara Biosah quickly gained notoriety all over the world and especially with Hollywood superstars, a reputation gained that make her today the central attention of this GSF Cannes festival 2019.