Cannes Film Festival 2018

GSF Award Cannes Festival made us dream, cry, laugh, touched us with fashion show cases from all over the world. For some, it’s an opportunity to parade and admire the stars on the red carpet. For the others, its an essential rendez-vous to celebrate art.

On the 9th of May, 2018 we were the official partner with Couture Fashion Week ( of the GSF Award Cannes Festival , the show took place in Intercontinental Carlton Cannes. The festival success was one of a kind, a glory to us as we describe it.

International designers from all continents were present and the festival draw attention greater all over the world, approximately 500 guests attended the event. We gathered couturiers, celebrities and medias expert in the fields of fashion grandeur.

Global Hunter Luxury Communication chose designers in terms of couture richness and opulence, our main objective is to represent a captivating dialogue between  designs and luxuriousness.

The Collections that were chosen to be presented interpreted the magnificence of luxury fashion that is sure of its potential and knows with conviction how to proceed. The festival emerge motions of the luxury enthusiasm, fine art and the foundation of lavishness and splendour.